Office Battery Backups Work Wonders During a Power Outage

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Here’s a simple IT tip to help you retain some normalcy during an extended power outage due to a storm. Simple UPS’s or office battery backup devices that your desktops are connected to at work are great power storage units and are super helpful during power outages. Depending on the size of the unit you should be able to plug in lamps for light at night and even charge phones and laptops. During a storm, it’s amazing how good it feels to turn on a light at night. These definitely help to maintain normalcy during a storm.

It’s very important to get a decent sized unit, remember these units are purchased to keep you PC on during brownouts and to give you a maximum of 5 minutes during a blackout. Getting a larger unit will give you more power and time. Some units even show a display with how much time is left on the charge which is really useful. The unit will beep when power is low and then the unit can be recharged with a generator or car power inverter.

Some good units are below…

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD




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