Office Mobile for Office 365 Users (iPhone /iPad)

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Microsoft has recently released a version of office for 365 users called Microsoft Office for 365 Subscribers. The app is for Apple devices and is just a really stripped down version of what your used to working with. The app really is not like having a full version of office on your apple device. It’s extremely stripped down. Interestingly enough, it offers the user only the basic of features that you may need while on the run. A few things are missing, style sheets, a spell checker and an undo command. The ability to change the font or insert a graphic into a document is missing as well. You can make the type bigger or smaller, but you can’t specify a size by number, kind of like GMail fonts. The app can’t open older format .doc documents, only the newer format .docx that were created after Office 2007. A lot of our clients still work in .doc by choice. Finally, you can’t use the application without being a 365 subscriber. In this case, your really not missing out. I’d wait for this application to become more useful before getting it, and by the looks of all the other reviews, I may avoid this app altogether.


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