Old Legal Software Frozen in Time Works Best on Rekall Cloud

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Are you happy with your firm software? Are you tired of getting bombarded with advertisements and calls to upgrade your system when everything works perfectly? Does upgrading just seem like a waste of money? This is the attitude that a lot of firms have about software upgrades, but putting your aging software on the cloud which essentially acts as a time capsule is a viable solution that is proven to work with our clients looking to avoid software upgrades.

The main issue with not having the most recent software version is that eventually your product will no longer be supported. To combat this there are many third party software vendors who provide support for old or aging products, so there’s your support.

The cloud offers many benefits that are appealing for firms in this situation. Instead of dealing with a software error and calling your third party software support, Rekall Cloud lets you simply roll back your server up to 30 days. We have done this before and it comes in very handy when there are major and even minor issues. Rolling back a server to a time when things worked is insurance that your old software will always be operational and adds a second layer of security.

We currently have many firms on our cloud platform with old and aging software with no plans to upgrade due to the fact that their old software works so well on our system. With backup, security and guaranteed availability the cloud is a fantastic solution for law firms looking to simplify their IT.


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