Reminder: checklist is to be finished once onsite is completed.

Onsite Checklist

1) I checked in with the helpdesk manager via phone or email when I arrived and before I left.

2) I completed the task for the onsite ticket that was submitted.

3) I took pictures of all network hardware and switch gear, if this was not already documented.

4) I walked around to all end users to see if anyone needed help.

5) I applied support stickers to client desktop computers, with approval from client contact.

6) If client has an onsite server I checked it for blinking lights, degraded raid and any other visual abnormalities within the server room.

7) I contacted Rekall HQ to confirm all workstations are in GFI. If they are not I installed GFI on those workstations missing it.

8) (if onsite server is present) I have doublechecked that backup battery is present and configured for email notifications and graceful shutdown parameters. If not, please describe in notes.

9) Before I left I checked with contact to make sure there are not open issues or concerns.

10) Did you use any Rekall hardware, adapters, or cables to perform the task?