Outlook 2013 Shortcuts: Creating Appointments

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Most firms use Outlook as their email client. But what a lot of firms don’t yet realize is how many useful shortcuts exist in the latest version of the program, Outlook 2013. Let’s consider Appointments and how to schedule appointments more efficiently.

I suspect you get plenty of emails from clients requesting your time. You probably then go to New > Appointment to schedule an appointment with said client. Or, if you’re one for keyboard shortcuts, maybe you do a quick CTRL-SHIFT-A.

But give this a try instead. In Outlook 2013, drag and drop the email you received to the Calendar within the Navigation Pane (at left). Outlook understands that you want to create an appointment pertaining to the information in the email and will create the appointment using the subject line of the email message as the appointment subject. The body of the email message will also land automatically in the notes section of the appointment. You’ll just have to enter the date, time, location & your done!


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