Are you an attorney with a large mailbox? Does Outlook keep crashing and freezing due to your humongous mailbox? We see this a lot. The truth is that Outlook runs more stable with a smaller mailbox or a small local cache. Here’s a quick tip on how to increase the performance of Outlook when wrestling with large mailboxes.

Setup Outlook 2013 or 2016 to only cache the past 1 year of emails. By doing this only the latest year of email is downloaded to your PC and used as a cached copy. But what you want to view email older than 1yr? Easy, searching for email older than one year pulls from your online email storage and shows up naturally within Outlook as well. In this way there are really no drawbacks to performing this Outlook settings change.

This is an alternative to downloading your entire mailbox as is saves on search times, access times and lowers the likelihood of Outlook crashes. You also have the ability to increase up to 2yrs or decrease down to 1 month by going to File menu at the top left, Account Settings, then again click Account Settings in the dropdown. Double click your email address within the account settings window and use the slider bar to limit your local email cache. Don’t forget to restart Outlook to apply all new settings.

The result will be a mailbox with a smaller footprint on your PC, increasing overall performance.

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