Outlook Favorite Folders Increase Attorney Productivity

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Most people don’t utilize favorite folders in Outlook and this is a real shame. Outlook favorite folders give you the ability to favorite certain folders so that they appear on the top of your Outlook folder list instead of embedded within the alphabetically organized Outlook folder list. For example, I have set the following folders as favorite in my Outlook because I access them often, Inbox, Unread Mail, Sent Items, my Potential Clients folder, as well as my Potential Partners folder. These folders I am in constantly, all day. On top of this when we perform large scale projects for clients, or when we take over new clients from previous IT companies I temporarily favorite the new client folder within my Outlook so all correspondence can easily be dragged within the folder at the top of the list instead of dragging all the way down my folder tree.

This is actually very easy to do, simply find a folder you wish to favorite, right click the folder and left click on “Show in Favorites.” BAM, it’ll show up at the top of your list making it easy to navigate to. If you ever want to remove the folder from your favorites simply right click the folder you wish to remove at the top of your list and click “Remove from Favorites.” You can also change the order of your favorite folders by dragging them where you like. Just be careful not to drag a folder into another one, this will create a top folder with a sub folder, or, a folder in a folder, which you probably don’t want.

Tricks like this help to keep my Outlook organized so I can get to the information I need, quickly. That’s the name of the game with Outlook, finding what you need in a short amount of time. This tip will work for Outlook 2010 through 2016.


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