Outlook Tip: Send an Email to SMS Text Message

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Text message is an informal way to get a message to someone quickly. Many people don’t know this but you can easily send TXT messages to your colleagues through Outlook email. What the recipient will see is your full name the Subject and the Message Body including any signature you may have.

To get this done successfully all you really need to know is the recipient’s carrier and their cell number. Each carrier uses a different domain address to send. Below explains the different carrier domains. We will use the example number of 718-555-4391. For each carrier type the following in the To: field of Outlook to send the email to Text.

Verizon – 7185554391@vtext.com

AT&T – 7185554391@txt.att.net

T-Mobile – 7185554391@tmomail.net

Sprint – 7185554391@messaging.spintpcs.com



  1. Melissa

    Is there an sms fee to do this?

  2. Mark

    How about to a Cricket account?


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