Outlook Tips Review, Delay Delivery & Mail Block

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For the busy worker on the go, effective communication can become a task in itself. These tips & tricks for Outlook 2016 will help to make the process more seamless.

MailSortr While there are already email options such as folders and “Conversations” to sort out important messages that have lots of replies, MailSortr gives Outlook users the option of seeing the most imperative messages first. The third-party Outlook add-on also comes in handy for automatically filing messages into specified folders via Quick Steps.

Delay Delivery If you already know that you will not be able to respond to a message immediately or want to hold off on sending a message until you have a firm answer, consider utilizing the “Delay Delivery” option to schedule the email for a later time or date. This feature also comes in handy for vital information that has a news embargo on it.

Block It is inevitable that a business contact you may want to hear from will end up pulling you into an email conversation you have no desire to be in. Or, maybe someone gets a hold of your email address and you don’t want to hear from them at all. However, you may want to hear about the topic that this person is discussing ― without him/her involved. The “Ignore” option will allow you to automatically move irrelevant conversations to the “Deleted Items” folder. The “Mute” option will allow you to ignore conversations until you’re ready to read them, without the constant alerts popping up in a similar manner like new messages. The “Remove Thread” buttons is another way to filter out unimportant emails, too.


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