Painless Time Tracking with LexisNexis Firm Manager

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The new version of LexisNexis Firm Manager allows you to easily track your billable hours and create client invoices. Tracking time is tedious but statistically speaking, a law firm who has a time tracking solution in place bills more time, this is a fact. Without tracking your time adequately, you might not be billing appropriately or even worse, miss billing altogether, which means you’re perhaps not collecting as much money for your work as you can be. In fact, research shows that attorneys lose up to 30% of their billable hours because of ineffective tracking. That’s a lot of time!
What if tracking time wasn’t a burden? With the new LexisNexis Firm Manager, tracking your hours really is easy. LexisNexis Firm Manager can give you a clear picture of where you’re really spending your time so you can analyze whether that time is being spent where it should be spent. The big picture of what percentage of your firm’s time is going where can help you make important decisions about staffing and best practices.

Key features of LexisNexis Time Manager include:

Billing rate assignment per staff member
Hour and expense tracking through mobile devices
Invoice previewing, adjusting, and printing
At-a-glance summaries present the big picture
Impressive-looking invoices
We think you’ll be pleased with the ease of use of Firm Manager. Why not make your life less tedious and more precise? If your in the market for time tracking and all around firm management software, also give PClaw a look.


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