Paperless Law Firm Essentials: Backing Up Files

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Before you commit to going paperless, you’ll need to come up with a smart backup strategy. Lawyerist.com recommends the following process.
First, in order to protect and secure the contents of your hard drive, encrypt your files. Programs such as TrueCrypt, Bitlocker, and FileVault are good for encryption. Rekall is happy to help you determine the best program for your office.

Next, for small firms, use a program such as Dropbox to store files for which you need easy access from multiple devices. If you’re like most lawyers, you probably want to access files from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Dropbox, like Google Drive, allows you to access files anywhere you can get online.

File documents you don’t need to access readily sensibly on your computer’s hard drive. There’s no sense in putting documents that you won’t need on an internet-based drive. They’ll just clutter up your filing system. Instead, develop an archiving system on your computer’s hard drive so that you aren’t burdened by old files you’ll never look at again.

Then, make sure you’re backing up your files. We recommend Rekall Cloud Backup. In addition to backing everything up to the cloud , if you have a lot of data we also recommend that you back up your information to local hard drive for quick restoration. A double backup may seem like overkill, but trust us, it’s not!

Contact Rekall for assistance designing a foolproof backup process. You won’t regret it.


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