PCLaw Does Document & Practice Management Too

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Who doesn’t crave software that’s intuitive and easy-to-use? With PCLaw, this is just what you’ll get. Some software is laden with features so complex you don’t end up using half of them. Some software looks nice but it doesn’t really do much. PCLaw won’t disappoint in either department. The program’s straightforward design will allow you to take advantage of its many assets. With PC Law, you can:

  • Easily name documents
  • Include document descriptions and comments
  • Use auto-generated created dates for ease of saving
  • Take advantage of document modification dates for ease of retrieval
  • Stay organized with tidy document foldering options
  • Streamline your client intake with email generation, conflict checking, and form field imports
  • Access email templates to simplify your email communication and billing

Additionally, the newest version of PCLaw features a new dashboard layout that makes managing your business, your clients, and your practice quick and easy. If the features and clean design of the program aren’t enough, perhaps the product’s superior tech support is. There is a reason why mostly all of our law firms choose PCLaw. No matter if they’re Patent firms, Employment firms or Real Estate attorneys, PCLaw offers superior time tracking capabilities and now document and practice management functions, check it out.


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