PCLaw Pre-Bills Printing Issues Fixed

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Last week we had a call from one of our law firms that an attorney had issues printing his pre-bills. We were able to not only fix his printer issue with PCLaw but show him a few other ways to print pre-bills.


The problem that the user was having was that he had to sit in front of his PC whenever printing Pre-Bills to approve each bill on-screen. Little did he know that if he just unchecked the Screen option on the right side of the Pre-Bills Selections window, all of his bills would print without any user interaction. He would no longer have to sit and watch his pre-bills come up, have to click close and repeat 40 times. You should really only check the Screen box if you want to verify each bill on screen.




In the case of our attorney, he wished to verify each bill  but liked the idea of printing them out, marking them up, and then scanning them to his assistant for changes. We showed him an alternative way to do this using much less paper and time. When you un-check Printer and you check PDF, a compiled PDF of all your Pre-Bills will be made and stored in a predetermines location. At this point you can grab the PDF, mark it up with your favorite PDF editing software (Adobe Acrobat Pro) and email the changes to the assistant. The only problem is finding where the PDF is stored.




The figure above shows exactly how to find the location of PDF files that are generated within PCLaw. The location under the Billing tab of the System Settings windows is the default location. More than likely you have a mapped P:\ drive with all your PCLaw data. It is within this drive that your PDF will be generated. Simply navigate to the location showed within your System Settings window, organize the files by date and you should see a PDF file newly generated at the top of the list.


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