PCLaw Case Management Software Review

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If you are a law firm looking for software to help manage your business, you may be overwhelmed at the plethora of options available to you. Different types of legal case management software all have their benefits and drawbacks. Below, we review PCLaw to help determine if it’s the right fit for your law firm.

An Overview of PCLaw

Provided by LexisNexis, PCLaw is an integrated accounting, billing and case management program designed for law firms.  PCLaw’s biggest strength is its wealth of features when it comes to accounting and billing. The software allows you to manage vendor payments to improve cash flow while also allowing you to quickly identify any outstanding balances that need to be collected from clients. It also lets your firm email and submit LEDES-formatted bills, which greatly reduces the time it takes for you to get paid. Additionally, PCLaw features in-depth expense tracking which is a great tool to analyze your firm’s performance.

All of the aforementioned features are precisely why PCLaw has won more market share than any other software solution for case management. LexisNexis’s software eliminates the need to rely on multiple accounting software packages, and has all of your accounting needs in one comprehensive suite.  However, PCLaw does have its drawbacks. Numerous reviews indicate that after the most recent updates to the program, the software is not the most user friendly, with some customers reporting that the software is difficult to use, and that every update seems to make the software run worse or even freeze up completely.

Quick, Easy and Straightforward

The best aspect of PCLaw is that it is adept at performing its key objectives of accounting, billing and client management. Paired with its simple user interface that is easy to learn, this software is extremely useful for firms that require a simple, yet robust program to manage their business. Although the software doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as its competitors, it offers a program that does the basics extremely well. As a result, this program is a perfect fit for small to middle sized firms.

No Need for Additional Software

The majority of legal practice management applications rely on a separate software program for back-end accounting.  Opt for PCLaw and you won’t have to rely on third-party software for accounts receivable/payable, operating accounts, ledgers, etc.  The fact that PCLaw combines all of these functions in one package should be commended.

Rely on the Cloud for Optimal Functionality

Cloud service providers can implement PCLaw and enable the software to function at its peak without the need for on-site servers or complicated I.T. solutions. Rekall Technologies has nearly 10 years of experience assisting law offices with cloud services and can optimize your network hassle-free. Learn more about how we can host your legal software on the cloud here.

Is PCLaw Worth Your Money?

PCLaw is designed to grow with your law firm. Whether you work for a small start-up firm or if you work at a mid-size company, PCLaw will scale in accordance with your organization’s growth.  However, if you are looking for a more diverse and in-depth set of features, or if you are a large firm, other programs may be better suited to your needs.

Still want to learn more about PCLaw? Check out the software developer’s video where they go over PCLaw’s Dashboard feature and give you an insight into the program’s user interface.



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