Penetration Testing Keeps Law Firms in Compliance

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Useful Tech Tips | 0 comments

These days it seems more and more law firms have to abide by HIPAA compliant standards due to their clientele. In working with these firms we find that third-party penetration testing services is must when it comes to meeting compliance standards. Penetration tests should always be done by a certified third-party. The tests consists of the ethical hacking of your local network, cloud network, and website in an attempt to gain access to back-end files and databases. Once the test is done, a report is offered on findings consisting of data breach locations and remedies to alleviate the issues. Overall, these tests, test the vulnerabilities within your firm network and strengthen them. These tests are often done annually or semi-annually and are required by HIPAA guidelines. If your firm is in need of third-party penetration testing services, please give us a call. Rekall has a great relationship with one of the top penetration testing companies on the East Coast.


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