Is Your IT Vendor Disposing of Your Old Firm Hardware Correctly?

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Useful Tech Tips | 1 comment

Your planning on buying some new desktops but what will your IT people to do with your old workstations? You should know the answer to this question and it should be integrated into your support agreement with your IT vendor due to it’s relationship with firm data security. In this article we will explore what Rekall does with old client hardware and perhaps you can integrate our practices into your IT agreement, adding liability coverage and security to your agreement.

The answer is simple, your IT vendor should cart away any and all superfluous network hardware may they be printers, desktops, switches or servers and backup any localized data if the data is valuable. If it is not valuable then hard drives and RAM should be removed and all storage devices and should be zero’d out which is basically a high-end format. Once the storage media is cleared, your IT vendor should drive your hardware to a local electronics recycling center. Here, not only will the hardware be recycled but some centers offer certified hard drive shredding services. This may come at a cost but these services offer real-time hard drive shredding with a certificate of destruction.

This process outlines the right way to dispose of hardware so that there is no lingering data for garbage pickers to steal, plus a certification of destruction for insurance purposes.

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