The Perfect Desktop for Cloud Law Firms

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Useful Tech Tips | 0 comments

Workstations are anywhere between $500 – $800. When your working on the cloud, they can be as cheap as $179, here’s how. Whether your working on the Rekall Cloud or some other cloud solution you need to connect to your cloud from a computer or terminal. One thing about moving to the cloud is that since your utilizing the cloud’s processing power & memory, your local desktop can be quite wimpy, in other words, a cheap desktop will do just fine. A desktop connecting to the cloud must support a few basic functions…

  • It must get you onto the internet
  • Running Windows is a bonus
  • WiFi capabilities are a plus
  • It must redirect sounds from your cloud desktop
  • It must offer a multiple monitor option

From our recommendations we find that our cloud clients prefer the new Dell Inspiron Micro Desktop as an excellent alternative to a big, bulky, traditionally more expensive desktop. It does everything you would need it to do, supports dual monitors, comes with Windows 10, has a sound card and even supports WiFi. It’s perfect, it’s cheap, it does it all. Keep in mind that these small PC’s are disposable. These days your lucky if you get 3yrs out of a PC and at $179, your ahead of the game if they live that long. The Dell Inspiron Micro Desktop is the perfect cloud desktop terminal.


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