Personal Scanners for the Solo Practice

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Rekall encourages firms to move toward a paperless work environment. The NeatConnect cloud scanner is definitely a step in the right direction in your quest to minimize the use of paper.

What is a cloud scanner? Believe it or not, you don’t even need a computer to use the NeatConnect cloud scanner. Instead, you can scan documents and send them directly to a cloud-based storage system rather than to your computer’s hard drive. Since the documents aren’t going to your computer but rather to the internet, no computer is necessary. Prefer to use it with a computer? No problem. Just use the USB port connection.

In addition to being cutting-edge in terms of technology, the NeatConnect scanner is also easy to use. Just plug it in and follow the prompts on the touch screen for easy setup. Once up and running, the NeatConnect will scan approximately 24 pages per minute. One complaint we came across in reviews is the inability to add pages to a file you’ve already created. The NeatConnect can also only scan 50 pages at a time.

When all is said and done, if you’re cloud-friendly and really want to commit to going paperless, the NeatConnect is perhaps the best option out there for you. Another good option is the ScanSnap. Call Rekall and we’ll help you determine which scanner will work best for you.


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