Prepare for eDiscovery, Adopt An Automatic Email Archive Strategy

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Since we’re an IT services company that focuses on law firms and law firm tech, we’ve often seen the need for law firms to archive their emails for legal reasons. For those of you who are not hip to archiving, here’s what archiving is. Archiving is when you remove email from your mailbox or when mail is copied and stored in a safe and secure location. The best way to do it is for it to be done automatically which is what we’d like to explain today. Since we’ve been moving all of our law firm’s email to the cloud, there have been many advancements in automatic archiving which removes the pain staking task of manually archive PST files within Outlook.
Through cloud services and only for $3 per user per month, all incoming and outgoing mail can be captured and archived in a safe location on the cloud in case of eDiscovery or even if you wanted to organize your firm email better. We’ve spoken to attorneys who have been through eDiscoveries and have had very tough times exporting all their firm’s email within 100% of the request. The process halts the firms daily tasks, it’s annoying and it has to be done within the requested parameters to avoid any legal issues. This solution lets your office continue to work and bill without any disruptions while IT can export the requested email through a web portal instead of everyone’s individual workstation which would cause downtime.

Some attorneys that we deal with simply like the option so they can clean out their mailboxes but still have a full searchable report of their mailbox messages. This is great for people with large mailboxes because with this solution, users have the ability to clean their mailboxes but keep all their mail in the cloud archive just in case. Within the cloud archive application you have the ability to export mail in bulk or just one at a time. The services are really flexible and easy to use. If your the type of attorney who likes to hold onto everything, perhaps an automatic archive service is in your future. It’s just another piece of affordable technology that adds to the security of your firm. If you agree with us, and you think that your firm would benefit from this technology, give us a call!


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