Print Screen Function Helps Time Tracking Attorneys

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Here’s a quick tip for time tracking attorneys. Ever work in your accounting software or time tracking software and it freezes? This happens sometimes for PCLaw users and can even happen for Quickbooks users. When this happens,you risk losing all the time that’s recorded on the screen. The data isn’t saved because the application froze before you were able to finalize and save your time. When this happens there are two things you can do, you can either start writing all the info down on a piece of paper, ehh, or you can perform a print screen function so that all the info is saved and can be easily put back into your accounting software. Here’s how…


Click on the accounting application windows, once it’s click on and is considered the active window, on your keyboard, press and hold Alt & while holding, press the print screen button on your keyboard, usually at the top right. What you just did is copied an image of the active window just like highlighting and copying a word in a document. Now that the window is copied, we have to paste it somewhere. At this point, click Start, and type PAINT in the open area at the bottom right after hitting Start where it says “search programs and files.” Once Microsoft Paint opens, we need to  paste the image into the blank canvas. to do this, on your keyboard press and hold Ctrl and then hit the V button. Ctrl+V is the windows quick keyboard command for pasting. At this point you should see the window pasted on the screen, just save as a jpeg and your done. You just saved a screenshot of your frozen application saving you time and money that would be otherwise lost trying to remember all your billed time.

This also works when coming across error messages. Often our clients send us screenshots when they receive errors randomly throughout the day. This practice gives us time to research errors and get back to clients ASAP. Error info like screenshots really help narrow down issues and problems, and they are easier than trying out the error. Just screenshot the error and send it over to you I.T. support as an attachment.


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