Private Cloud Vs. Public Cloud Services for Law Firms

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Cloud computing has come a long way. These days there are basically two kinds of cloud services, public & private. In this article we’ll answer the question, which type is better for law firms?

Public Cloud Services

Public Cloud services are sold by third party IT vendors looking to increase revenue. These services offer law firms the annoyance of having a man in the middle approach to every issue that arises. Often times if a cloud server is slow the firm tells the IT vendor who then speaks with the cloud vendor. The cloud vendor may blame your internet while IT blames the vendor servers which they have absolutely no control over. You see, those cloud servers are somewhere in Utah or Virginia. Your IT people have no way to support them and are a slave to the cloud vendor. These situations always end up hurting the firm. The firm then has to suffer through these issues until their term is up and then they usually find a new cloud service.

Private Cloud Services

With private cloud services such as Rekall Cloud, Rekall is the IT vendor, the Cloud vendor and the Cloud Host. Rekall manages all connections to the cloud from client offices and successfully supports any issues that may come up. This is due to the fact that there are literally no other vendors in the mix. Private cloud vendors own the server hardware and maintain the entire infrastructure themselves. If there’s a problem, it is no one else’s responsibility other than Rekall Technologies to fix that problem, and this is why Rekall Cloud has an overwhelming success rate.

Public Cloud Costs

Cost is really out of the hands of the IT vendor. Cloud vendors dictate the cost of cloud services so IT vendors often pad that price to make a portion on the monthly cost. It’s logical that the IT vendor would never want to make less so the chance for special deals and pricing flexibility is non-existent on a public cloud unless the IT vendor eats into their profit portion. Public cloud vendors are very large entities with fixed pricing, a million different people to deal with, zero flexibility, and cookie cutter solutions that they will try and shove your firm into to try and make a solution fit.

Private Cloud Costs

A private cloud entity like Rekall Cloud should be a lot more flexible on cost than public cloud vendors. Private cloud companies own all their hardware and software, they know the costs and they know their bottom line. If you’re looking for a bargain with fully managed services, these are the companies to do business with.

Public Cloud Security

Security is BYO (Bring Your Own). There is no management, no included enterprise level firewalls, antivirus, or antispyware. For the public cloud services that do offer these solutions everything is extra, absolutely nothing is included and it is up to you to know what to check off on the Chinese food style menu before your cloud server is built.

Private Cloud Security

Private cloud services only offer security services if they are fully customizable. Rekall prides itself on being flexible and customizable adapting to each and every client no matter the need. There are no one size fits all plans on the Rekall Cloud as each law firm gets a specialized plan tailored to their individual needs. On the Rekall Cloud, law firms receive enterprise level firewall, antivirus and antispyware security services all included and never charged. The idea behind Rekall Cloud being a private cloud vendor gives law firms a safe place to work with maximum security and availability without changing the a firm’s work experience or processes.


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