ProLaw Software Review : Better on the Cloud?

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An abundant amount of law firm software exists in today’s marketplace, and although most have existed for several years, deciding which program to use for your firm is a difficult decision. ProLaw, provided by Thomas Reuters Elite, is perhaps the only software that includes practice, document, and accounting management in one bundle. This makes it a unique piece of software in comparison to its competition, and when hosted on the Cloud, can be an even more powerful tool for your law firm. Let’s review ProLaw’s features in more detail below.

The Merits of ProLaw

As ProLaw incorporates three separate management systems into one bundle, it is a useful tool for both front and back-office functions and workflow. Additionally, it includes a true Document Management Solution (DMS), which again makes it exclusively the only management application to do so. However, because the software is so inclusive and wide in breadth, it requires a dedicated I.T. infrastructure to support it. This can be hosted either on-premise or via the cloud.

In terms of user interface, ProLaw is perhaps the most intuitive and approachable piece of law firm software out there. Designed to look like Microsoft Office’s collection of products, most users will be able to pick up the nuances of this program very quickly.

ProLaw allows users to increase workplace efficiency through the ability to track deadlines and deliverables, and get legal research from sources such as Westlaw with one click. The program also includes the ability to save and retrieve documents, and even enter billable time directly into programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader. ProLaw also lets you see in real time, case and client profitability, as well as, information such as billings, deadline adherence, and staff efficiency. Additionally, the Report Builder feature allows you to not only efficiently build reports with data relevant to your business, but also export them directly into Microsoft Excel.

Documents Live Within the Database

Because ProLaw is a fully integrated program hosted on dedicated I.T. infrastructure, users have the advantage of documents actually being stored in the ProLaw database when they are being linked together to a specific matter. On the other hand, most legal practice management applications require you to store documents in a separate location upon linking. This avoids the need to keep a separate file database, and instead ensures that data is kept together in an easy to access location.

Rely on the Cloud for Optimal Functionality

Cloud service providers can implement ProLaw and enable the software to function at its peak without the need for on-site servers or complicated I.T. solutions. Rekall Technologies has nearly 10 years of experience assisting law offices with cloud services and can optimize your network hassle-free. Learn more about how we can host your legal software on the cloud here.

The Bottom Line

ProLaw is one of the most powerful programs on the market. With an expansive set of features that are supported by a dedicated I.T. infrastructure, mid to large sized law firms will be able to make great use of this software’s capabilities. As the only program on the market to include practice, document, and accounting management, ProLaw is adept at handling anything your firm throws at it.


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