Proven Ways to Enhance Law Firm Digital Security

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Nowadays, law firms are just as concerned about digital security as they are about physical security.  It is no longer strictly masked burglars who law firms need to be concerned with; cyber hackers have law firms and other businesses in their sights.  Follow the steps detailed below to keep your law firm safe from digital miscreants.



Cyber Security Protection Starts With Employee Training


Though we live in a tech-centric world, some employees are out of the loop when it comes to the web, digital security and other tech nuances.  Give your employees cyber security training so they do not make a simple mistake that puts valuable data at risk.  In fact, some cyber thieves will go as far as using social engineering attempts to manipulate unsuspecting employees into providing entry into the system.  Make sure your team is properly trained so it is that much more difficult for hackers to even come close to breaching your system.  Above all, employees should be made aware of the latest techniques hackers use to thwart digital attacks so they can spot digital traps right away.



Encrypt Those Disks



Your law firm likely has an abundance of data ranging from client information to internal records and beyond.  You need full-disk encryption for comprehensive protection.  In other words, the entry points that permit data access should be locked down so outside parties cannot use your data.  Do not worry about the encryption process.  Whether you use Macs or Windows, you will find encrypting disks is easier than expected.  Once encrypted, the data will not be legible by hackers and other wrongdoers.



Update Your Software With Regularity


Software updates are essential to keeping devices completely secure.  Software is provided with enhancements that remedy bugs and boost performance in numerous ways upon the release of an update.  Some such updates provide security enhancements.  The installation of the latest updates is necessary to keep your information protected against all infiltration methods.



Two-factor Authentication



Two-factor authentication is another layer of security that prevents malicious parties from accessing cloud storage, databases, email, etc.  Even if a hacker has the password, he or she will not be provided with access to the database.  Rather, a verification process is necessary, such as entering a code transmitted to a smartphone.



Have Everyone in the Office use a Password Generator



The strength of your password is of the utmost importance.  Hackers have all day to try various combinations of usernames and passwords.  Everyone in the office should use a password generators that comes up with lengthy passwords comprised of a series of letters, numbers and special characters.  These complex passwords will not be cracked with ease.  Furthermore, passwords should be changed with regularity so new hires do not access the system with the login information of old employees.





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