Proven Ways to Improve Law Firm Efficiency

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Efficiency is the name of the game for law firms as well as businesses of nearly every other type.  Attorneys that tap into the power of tech and strategic outsourcing find it is that much easier for their team to complete work with speed and accuracy. Let’s take a look at a few specific ways in which law firms can ramp up efficiency.



Use Cloud-based Applications


Let your staff use cloud-based software designed for law firms and their workdays really will prove that much more efficient.  Cloud technology allows your law firm to take advantage of a data environment that is easy to access and allows for the free flow of information.  Furthermore, cloud-based software created for law firms will integrate with your current billing systems and other software to ultimately boost efficiency.  As an example, a cloud-based applications such as LEDESConvert converts invoices to the latest format in mere minutes.  The end result is less time spend on administrative tasks and more on pleasing current clients and finding new ones.



Take Advantage of Measurement Metrics


If something cannot be measured, its value to your law firm will be inherently limited.  The sad truth is some law firms do not even bother measuring work activities and costs.  Measurement metrics will help your law firm make prudent use of data to operate with the utmost efficiency.  Metrics will also make it easier to determine if current strategies are working.



Give Automation a Chance


There is no sense burning through your limited time and energy performing monotonous tasks when they can be automated.  Automation will free you and your staff to solve more complex problems.  Law firms are now able to automate billing, data entry, data analysis, e-discovery, budgeting, client intake processes, time/expense entry, document review and beyond.  Automate as much work as possible and your legal team will be freed to find new clients, respond to current clients, perform legal research and so on.



Invest in Your Team


Consider how much of a setback it would be to lose your key team members to competing law firms.  One of the best ways to add value to your firm is by giving your team more opportunities, training and acclaim for a job well done.  Even something as simple as providing employees with the latest tech can help keep them around and maximize their potential as team members.  Make employees feel comfortable and respected and they will be inclined to share ideas, be creative and work in a truly collaborative fashion.




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