The Prudent use of Social Media Connects your Law Firm with new Clients

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Every business in existence needs at least one social media account.  Ideally, businesses will have a strong presence on the top social media platforms ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and beyond.  Though law firms are not traditional businesses, they can benefit from establishing a social media presence just as much as any other organization.  Here’s how to take full advantage of social media, connect with new clients and add to your bottom line.


Establish a Presence Where Potential Clients Are

Take some time to study where your target clients spend their time on the web.  Examine the websites your clients and the clients of competing law firms use with regularity.  Analyze the characteristics, behavior and interests of your target demographics before posting content to your social media pages.


Improve Your Law Firm’s Visibility

Make it easy for prospective clients to find your law firm and it will be that much easier to improve engagement.  Be sure to use your law firm’s name in your social media profiles or even your real name if you are a solo practitioner.  Add strategic keywords and key phrases to your online profiles.  As an example, if you practice criminal law, mention it several times in your social media profiles.

The use of hashtags on twitter will make it that much easier for people to pinpoint your law firm online.  As an example, #NewarkLawyer and #DivorceLaw hashtags will highlight your posts as well as your Twitter profile when a search is conducted on this popular social media platform.


The Proper Blend of Content

Achieve the delicate balance between a steady stream of social media content, informative posts and information pertaining to your law firm’s merits is easier said than done.  Strive for the proper balance of information and results will show in due time.  In general, curated content should account for two-thirds of your social media content.  About one-quarter of your online content should be owned content.  The remainder should be content that is self-promotional.   In layman’s terms, this means most of your social media posts should be information shared from websites relating to your law firm.  About one-quarter of your social media posts should be original content your team creates.


Interact With Others Across Online Platforms

Those who participate in true dialogues as opposed to monologues obtain the best results.  Interact with followers and others who respond to your social media posts.  Rely on freelance writers or your own team to create compelling online content and it just might be featured on other blogs and social media pages, expanding your online footprint that much more.

It also makes sense to invest the little bit of time necessary to comment on the social media posts of others to kick-start conversations.  Engage with others in online dialogues and your social media exposure will gradually increase.   Additional exposure means more clients and ultimately, an enhanced bottom line.


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