Putting PClaw in The Cloud: The Perfect Firm Cloud Solution

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Please keep in mind that this PClaw solution utilizes pre-purchased PClaw licenses. You much purchase these licenses through PClaw first for this solution to work. All licenses must be purchased and maintained under PClaw guidelines as to not violate their terms or licensing policy. This solution is simply a terminal server with PCLaw on it, in the cloud. PClaw supports Terminal Server, which is why this is a great cloud solution for PClaw.
We’ve been working with cloud solutions for a long time and the age old issue has always been offering cloud solutions to law firms who currently work with non-cloud applications. We have migrated firms to cloud email and document solutions but were never able to move non-cloud based applications like PClaw because they don’t work well with the typical cloud document solutions out there. In fact, no database application works well with the cloud document solutions out there. There’s no way around the fact that PClaw has to run on a server within a network for attorneys to be able to bill time. What if this network was on a cloud server being hosted by one of the top hosting providers offering virtually no downtime? What if it was setup in such a way for attorneys to be able to remote onto this server simultaneously and bill time from home or the office with virtually no downtime? We’ve done this by putting PClaw onto a cloud server, specifically a Windows Terminal Server. Keep in mind that as far as we know, PClaw is not working on a cloud version of their software which is a shame and which is why this solution is perfect for PClaw law firms.

Here’s the point, coupled with a cloud email and a cloud document solution, there would be no need for an office server. Your firm would save on the maintenance, monitoring, backup and tech purchases involved in keeping that server and your data up and running. Your IT bills would only consist of a low monthly payment to your cloud email and document system providers as well as Rekall Technologies, your cloud server hosting provider. The monthly costs would be equal to or less than all the maintenance done on your office server while offering your firm virtually no downtime. If you had this setup during Hurricane Sandy, all you would need is an internet connection and you’d be able to work and bill without any hiccups.

We like cloud based solutions, they’re up and running 99.9% of the time, many offer excellent support, and they keep your firm up and running beyond any catastrophe. With that said, if you currently have a server, keep using it, it offers your firm many benefits which is why you should get the most out of your server investment. On the other hand, if your server’s warranty is running out, or it’s close to end-of-life (7yrs) think about going to the cloud. We’ve guided many law firms to the cloud, and they have since never looked back. Your IT bills will decrease and your firm’s versatility will increase 10 fold. While your at it, why not work with a law firm focused IT company to show you the way. We’re an IT company that will actually cut your IT bills, crazy I know. Give us a call for more info.


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