Quick & Easy Way To Remove Outlook Email/Contact Duplicates

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Here’s a quick TechTip to remove duplicate emails, contacts or calendar items within Microsoft Outlook. Some people have this issue when they migrate to a new email platform or if they restore their mailbox from a previous time. This tool will find and pick out the duplicate messages in your inbox and remove them automatically saving you a lot of time cleaning up your mailbox. First you have to download the Outlook Duplicate Items Remover from here. This is a free tool that will do it all for you. Once you have downloaded and installed it you will have to open Outlook to use it. This tool lives within Outlook as an add-on and should be found here when you open Outlook…



The tool is easy to use, just click ODIR and then Remove Duplicate Items. A box will pop up with all your folders and sub-folders. One by one, highlight each folder and click the remove duplicate items button on the bottom of the windows. Go down the list of folders and sub-folders including contacts and calendar items. By the time your at the bottom, you should be done and all your duplicates should be gone.



Keep in mind that the application looks for exact duplicates. For received emails is looks for the message ID, for sent mail it looks for the subject line, date and time, and for unsent mail it only looks at the subject. If there are differences in these items between your original and duplicate email, this program will not remove the duplicate as it will not be seen as a true duplicate. I say, give this app a whirl, it’s free and you got nothing to loose.


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