Quickbooks Enterprise In The Cloud, Rekall Can Do It

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We have a client with Quickbooks Enterprise. This client has fully embraced the cloud in all ways where they could. They wished they could utilize the cloud services that were offered by Quickbooks Online but with the functionality of Quickbooks Enterprise. While Quickbooks Online is great, it lacks many of the features that make Quickbooks Enterprise the premier solution for small to medium contracting businesses. We understood the needs of the client and also understood that the server was over 5yrs old. They would most certainly need a new server by years end, but with a cloud solution, they would never need to purchase a new server again. The costs involved in buying a server and maintaining it always make IT a drag, and that’s how our client felt.
After talking about the benefits of a cloud server between the lower IT costs, more controlled bills, and a technology setup that would be guaranteed to be up 99.995% of the time, the client was interested in a proposal. We offered the client a total cloud solution, putting all documents, Quickbooks and Microsoft Office into a cloud server for all 11 users. Everyone would have a cloud desktop and be able to access Quickbooks or company data from anywhere in the world may they be on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android devices, all for one monthly fee. It’s no lie that Rekall cloud clients simply do not call for support. We have figured out a way to offer our clients a Quickbooks Enterprise solution in the cloud that is it’s own disaster recovery solution, complete with a secure offsite backup solution, flexible access, not to mention the added benefit of knowing that they will never need to purchase server hardware or costly server warranties ever again.


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