Ransomware Risk with Latest Adobe Flash Exploit

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Stop what your doing and update your Adobe Flash now…


Adobe has issued a global alert warning about a serious security flaw in it’s previous release that leaves machines open to Ransomware. Adobe is urging all users to update ASAP. The flawed update was rolled out on 4/7/2016. Users with automatic updates turned-on would have gotten this update without knowing.

A quick lesson on Ransomware. Ransomwhere occurs by unknowingly downloading a file from the internet or opening an email with an attachment with an executable inside that encrypts your data and asks for money to be sent via bitcoin to unlock your system and decrypt your data, by data we mean all your document data and pictures. This is usually $500 and goes up to $1000 after 2 or 3 days of not complying. After a week you loose your ability to restore your data and your data is gone forever. This is not a virus, and cannot be stopped by antivirus. You cannot prevent this from happening, simply have a backup in place so if it does happen you can format your PC and restore from your daily backup.


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