Rekall Clients Utilize IPDAS in the Cloud

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Rekall Cloud is now supporting IPDAS in the cloud, migrating IPDAS databases to our private cloud for Intellectual Property firms and offering them private and secure access. Recently we’ve taken on a client that uses the IPDAS Document Assembly System. This IP firm was most interested in our Rekall Private Cloud services and wished for us to build a cloud server that they could access from both the United States and Israel. The end result was a fully compliant private cloud server with guaranteed uptime, speed, and IPDAS running perfectly within their virtual cloud environment.

Through the transition IPDAS support was very easy to work with and had no issues with the cloud setup as it did not violate any terms of service or service agreements. For this particular firm we were not only able to configure IPDAS in the cloud, we also gave each user a full cloud desktop complete with the full Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat and their specific time and billing software. In the end IPDAS is being backed up automatically and is working perfectly on Rekall Private Cloud.

Rekall Private Cloud is our fully compliant cloud solution for law firms. The architecture of the system is built with total redundancy having 2’s and 3’s of every device for maximum uptime. Client servers are dedicated and absolutely never shared, clients are integrated on a private server in the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Client data is backed up automatically on the file and server level to ensure maximum uptime. Internet speed is guaranteed as our data center hosts a triple redundant dedicated line with automatic fail-over between the 3 ISP blended data pipe. Enterprise level firewalls protect your data with advanced intrusion protection, web filtering and user internet behavior reporting. If your looking for a fully private cloud that offers compliance and security for your law firm applications or specifically for IPDAS Rekall Private Cloud is your answer.


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