Rekall Cloud System Requirements & Service Details

Internet & Bandwidth

Use of RC requires Internet connectivity.  RC recommends that Client have reliable Internet connectivity that is not prone to disconnects or sudden decreases in speed. RC requires 128 Kbps of bandwidth per concurrent user at each physical location. (To determine the Internet speed at your location please use a speed-test web site such as www.speakeasy.net/speedtest).  As your RC session is a session-based technology, random Internet disconnects or slowdowns can have an adverse effect on your RC experience.  RC cannot be responsible for the reliability or quality of your Internet connection.


Local Network

As RC requires a reliable Internet connection, the Local Area Network (LAN) of your office can also have an impact on the quality and speed of your RC service.  This includes the quality and configuration of network devices including switches, routers and firewalls, as well as network cabling and the endpoint devices  and even computers themselves.  While it is rare, problems with Client’s local network infrastructure can have an adverse effect on RC performance.   The technology used with RC (RDP, remote desktop protocol) is traditionally less affected by problems inherent to individual computers, but in some cases more sensitive to problems with Internet or Local Area Network problems, especially Wi-Fi network problems. RC cannot be responsible for the reliability or quality of Client’s local network & IT infrastructure, though at Client’s request, Rekall Technologies LLC can be retained on a Consultancy basis (by the billable hour) to attempt to diagnose and resolve any local network problems.


Printers & Peripherals

The majority of printers and peripherals (such as scanners) will work with RC initially with little or no additional configuration.  If a Client opted for a Rekall Managed Migration, a reasonable amount of time will be built into the migration estimate to account for typical time necessary to configure printers and scanners as necessary.  Occasionally, particular printers are more challenging to integrate completely with RC than is typical.  The compatibility of any given printer is ultimately up to that particular printer’s manufacturer and the type of print driver (printer software) that they developed for use with that printer. If Client opted for a Managed Migration, RC has built into the Migration Estimate a reasonable allotment of time to work with each printer & peripheral to fully integrate it into the RC system.  In rare cases, the time necessary to completely integrate a particular printer into RC is more than is typical, may cost more in billable hours or take more attempts than is typical.  In some cases third-party printing software (such as TSPrint, available at www.terminalworks.com) is necessary for all functions of a particular printer to work as it did in your local environment (common examples of specific functions that in some cases do not work without third-party software include collation settings, accounting and authentication codes) While these factors are not within RC’s control, Rekall Technologies LLC is available, at Client’s request, to work with any printers or peripherals until they are as integrated with the RC system as possible.  Said work will be provided at Rekall Technologies LLC standard Consulting & Support (hourly/billable) rate unless the problem is inherent to RC’s own infrastructure or workmanship.



Scanning into your RC system can be accomplished in a number of different ways.  These include:

(1) Simple file transfer.  In this method, Client scans files as they normally would, then copies the scan file to their cloud server (virtual desktop) by means of copy-and-paste.

(2) Scan to Email. If Client’s scanner supports this functionality, Rekall can assist in configuring Client’s scanner to deliver scanned documents to an email address, a group of individuals or an Exchange public folder.


Third-Party Software

You may host and run any-third party software in your RC server.  RC will make every reasonable attempt to install and make fully functional your third-party software.  RC does not warrant or guarantee any software outside of Microsoft software (such as Microsoft Office).  Client may retain Rekall Technologies LLC to install and support third-party software at Rekall Technologies LLC’s standard Consulting & Support rate.  In the event that Rekall Technologies LLC is requested to work on or solve a problem relating to a particular third-party software application, Rekall Technologies LLC may be required to contact that software manufacturer for assistance.   For this reason, Rekall Technologies LLC recommends that Client maintain an active “maintenance” or “support” agreement with its software.  Rekall Technologies LLC also recommends that Client stay current and maintain a level/version of the software that is supported by that software’s manufacturer. Client may retain Rekall Technologies (RC’s IT Division) for IT support to maintain said software.


Communication & Coordination

The migration and onboarding process of RC can be communication and coordination-heavy.  There are often many details to be planned and executed for a successful and smooth migration to RC. RC relies on accurate and timely information from Client.  RC requires that Client be communicative and responsive at all times, especially during the initial onboarding process.


Support & Reporting Issues

While RC is very reliable platform, every computing system is imperfect.  RC requests that Client contact the RC Help Desk to report problems they encounter as soon as possible.  Many problems whether they are rooted in Client’s on environment or third party software or peripherals, or rooted in RC’s own infrastructure are quickly resolved if reported to RC.  If the problem is rooted in Client’s environment (network, computers, Internet) or third-party software or peripherals, Client may optionally retain Rekall Technologies LLC to work beyond its own infrastructure and support Client’s own environment in a Consulting capacity (at RC’s standard hourly rates.)


Software & Updates

Rekall will provide appropriate licensure for software that is provided as part of the service plan.  This includes Microsoft Windows Server, and Microsoft Office.  As new versions of Microsoft Office are released Rekall will update Client to the newest version of each software application as requested by the client at no additional charge.  With respect to Microsoft Windows Server, Client is entitled to the software for Windows Server.  Deploying or installing a new version of Microsoft Windows Server may

require building a new virtual machine instance or formatting and reinstalling Windows on the virtual machine. This requirement is defined by Microsoft.  In the event an upgrade of Microsoft Windows Server requires a new virtual machine or format and re-provisioning of Client’s virtual machine, or in the event a new virtual machine or format and re-provisioning of Client’s virtual machine is not explicitly required but is deemed an IT best practice by Rekall, time spent provisioning  a new virtual server, formatting an existing virtual server and migration of all data, applications and user profiles will be billable at Rekall’s standard Consulting rates.  In these cases it is the client’s choice to have said billable migration performed or to stay at their current version of Microsoft Windows Server.



Rekall reserves the right to perform routine server maintenance within the hours of 7:00 PM and 6:00 AM EST, the last Friday of every month. During this maintenance window, Client’s virtual server may be offline and unavailable; Client must plan accordingly. In the event that maintenance must occur outside of this pre-designated time period, RC will provide advance notice to the Client to the extent reasonably possible.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Rekall guarantees a 99.99% system RC guarantee.  Specifically, Rekall warrants that Service will be AVAILABLE to client 99.99% of the time (calculated monthly) outside of the routine maintenance schedule outlined above, and outside of any other proactive maintenance scheduled in advance.   AVAILABLE is defined as Client’s virtual server will be accessible from the Internet via Remote Desktop.  Any calendar month where 99.99% RC is not achieved, the total downtime for that month will be calculated and rounded up to the nearest full day. Client will be credited the pro-rated amount of downtime for their monthly plan: Monthly Recurring Charges divided by 30, multiplied by total days of downtime. To receive said credit any calendar month where 99.99% uptime is not achieved, Client must request this credit in writing or via email.


Backup Systems & Data Retention

Rekall will maintain our own independent backup system for Client’s virtual machine: (1) A full server backup and recovery system which may be used to restore data or the entire server in the event of a catastrophic system failure. RC guarantees to keep a retention of 15 days of full server recovery backups.  It is the responsibility of Client to request of Rekall should Client require more historical retention than the default.  Full server backups are stored in the same collocation facility as well as a secondary collocation facility as the virtual server hosts themselves, and as such should be considered an offsite backup. If Client requires a separate backup that is stored in either of the Rekall facilities, Rekall recommends Client subscribe to Rekall Secure Online Backup, or an additional offsite backup service of their choosing.


Data Ownership

Client will retain ownership of all data Client transfers to and stores within RC’s hosting infrastructure.  Client reserves all right, title and interest (including all intellectual property and proprietary rights) in and to Client’s content and data.



RC warrants that it will maintain the following security provisions within its hosting infrastructure.  (I) RC will maintain what are generally considered to be business-class enterprise firewalls protecting the RC hosting infrastructure at all times.  Said firewalls will be routinely maintained and monitored. (II) RC warrants that RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) access to RC’s hosting environment from outside the hosting environment (such as Client’s office or residence) will be encrypted by 256-bit encryption.  RC cannot guarantee the security or safety of data if client copies or transfers any data or content out of RC’s hosting platform.  (III) RC warrants that it will control physical access to its data center and that the data center will be monitored by closed-circuit video surveillance.  (IV) RC warrants that its data center is and will remain SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II compliant.  (V) RC warrants that it will maintain redundant power, backup generators and UPS power protection to all equipment at all times.  (VI)  RC warrants that it will maintain multiple, redundant upstream internet providers for connectivity to RC’s hosting infrastructure.  (VII) RC warrants that it will maintain fire detection and suppression systems, flood prevention systems and humidity testing systems in its data centers at all times.  Client acknowledges that no computer system can be made completely stable or secure, and that Rekall cannot guarantee the safety or security of Client’s data.