Rekall Drops Pricing on Cloud Services, Law Firms Rejoice

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As of December 2016 we have decided to drop pricing on all cloud services. A lot of thought went into this decision. We’ve been running our private cloud for two years as I write this article and we feel that after two years we have created the perfect formula for cloud pricing that offers a high amount of value at a lower cost than our main competitors. Rekall not only offers more included and free services within the cloud service offering, but now Rekall does it at a lower cost.Within the Rekall Cloud service offering, law firms now receive included HIPAA compliance services on the file and web level. They also have an option to stay with their current email provider that will be managed by Rekall or move to Rekall’s hosted exchange email platform.

Rekall now offers two cloud packages. The Unlimited Support Cloud Package includes unlimited Rekall helpdesk access to assist with all IT related items associated with your firm. This means cloud and non-cloud related issues, printing, scanning, word, mobile device issues, PC, and application maintenance just to name a few. The Standard Support Cloud Package offers unlimited support for cloud related issues. This includes cloud connectivity issues, printing & scanning to or from the cloud, new user setups and terminations, as well as core cloud infrastructure support. Our unlimited plan should be utilized by firms who simply want it all with no price fluctuations each month. The standard plan covers law firms also offering the Rekall helpdesk support for non-cloud related issues at a standard rate of $120/hr.

Over the years Rekall has tried to incorporate all aspects of law firm needs into a complete package. With these new changes to our pricing plus adding included & optional services, the Rekall Cloud is the most secure & affordable cloud service for law firms in the nation.


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