“The Captain”

Ross B. Siroti

CEO & Partner

“The Architect”

Tsvet I. Hristov

CTO & Partner

“The Consigliere”

Vanessa H. Siroti

Director of Business Operations

“The Savant”

Lloyd B. James

Director of Technology Integrations

“The Sherpa”

Adam Pita

Onboarding Specialist

“The Cooler”

Anthony P. Bottone

Director of Helpdesk Operations

“The Sledge Hammer”

Greg Glazebrook

Systems Engineer

“The Soldier”

Andrew C. Potechko

Systems Engineer

“The CPU”

Fred A. Walshak

Systems Engineer

“The Anti-Millennial”

Michael Tavarez

Junior Systems Engineer

“The Database”

Alex Gall

Systems Engineer

“The Trooper”

Kyle Hempel

Junior Systems Engineer

“The Executioner”

Danielle Mania

Director of Marketing

“The Communicator”

Jerry Aigner

Marketing Coordinator

“The Terminator”

Erik Bergstrand

Creative Director & Web Specialist

“Queen of the Calculator”

Melissa Segall

Bookkeeping & Billing Advisor

“The Educator”

Corinne Loveland

Training Consultant

“The Heater”

Michael Bottone

Relationship Manager

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