Rekall’s Law Firm Cloud Email Solution, Everything You Need

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Just this past weekend alone our techs worked on 3 mail migrations to the cloud for 3 law firms. Law firms are becoming more aware that simple GoDaddy email accounts just won’t cut it. In fact, when I asked one of our new clients why they finally chose to move to a corporate email solution they explained that these technologies are what keeps their small firm competitive with the larger ones. Large firms have always been able to pay for more advanced technologies that smaller firms couldn’t touch. Today, the cloud email solutions that we offer really level the playing field. At $4 – $8 per mailbox per month, small firms can now have all the technology benefits that the larger ones do.

– Mailboxes come with a 25GB storage limit with an option to to go to unlimited

– Mailboxes include top spam filter & mail security

– Mailbox, Calendar, Contact sharing is easy

– Mail, Calendars & Contacts sync to your iPhone, Andoid or Blackberry

For one firm we setup a common calendar and contacts list for all users to view and edit. Many law firms find a firm calendar very useful, especially the ones without firm management software. Included with our hosted solution comes an inter-office chat program called Microsoft Lync. This is just like chat software that you’ve used in the past only this software is specified to your firm users. There are even mobile device apps and Mac/Windows apps in case you wish to chat from home or on the road. Our law firms find this chat software particularly useful when they quickly need info from their paralegals or other office staff. It’s easier than sending an email, and the software lets you know whose online and available for a chat.

More firms are realizing that they need to upgrade their email solutions. The benefits of the cloud not only level the playing field with larger firms, they offer virtually no downtime, they’re a breeze to setup & use, and they are the cornerstone of today’s law firm standards when it comes to email. If your firm is using POP or IMAP mailboxes with no mobile device sync, give us a call.


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