Remote Access Solutions for Non-Cloud Law Firms

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If your a traditional law firm without cloud services, accessing your firm desktop, apps, documents and email from outside the office is a must. Many small firms struggle with quality remote access solutions because they go with the popular commercial solutions instead of the tried and true IT methods. Managing remote access within your office is a good idea if you currently manage servers. It gives you enhanced security and more overall control.

The solution that Rekall works with offers firms an enterprise level firewall complete with web filtering, gateway antivirus, gateway antispyware, end user internet reporting on websites visited and google searches & intrusion prevention systems as well as an encrypted remote access system for all user desktops which is a lot more than LogMeIn & GoToMyPC can offer.

Users connect through Microsoft Remote Desktop over a secure and encrypted VPN which is compatible with all Apple, Android and Windows devices essentially giving the user the ability to connect from anywhere at anytime and from any device. Users have the ability to transfer files, print locally and truly work with a 1:1 work experience without graphical errors, compromises, or speed issues. Our cloud is based on the same technology.

This is the solution that we choose for our law firms because it is the most secure, offers more benefits to our clients than any other solution and works very well with little maintenance.

If you feel that your firm needs to update their remote access system or lacks network security, give us a call.

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  1. Karyn Dsouza

    Logmein is terrible! My firm uses it and it’s agony to work from home.


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