Secure Your Firm With a Cheap Biometric Solution…

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It’s annoying to lock & unlock your PC whenever you get up for some coffee or to retrieve a document from the printer. While it’s important for security reasons, it’s one of the day’s more annoying tasks, and when done over 20 times a day, it can get very annoying. Your I.T. provider can set this on the back end to auto lock every 10 or 20 minutes after being idle but you still have to hit control, alt, delete again and type in your password to get back into your desktop. If your firm has strict security policies that make you change your password every month or 2, this process is even more annoying. The solution is simple, get a finger print reader either by itself as a USB attachment or even better, a finger print reader keyboard combo. Lenovo makes a good keyboard for this, all black with soft keys. Unfortunately the keyboard is around $100. If your looking for a cheaper solution, check out newegg.com and search for the “Security USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader.” They have one for $16. If you find that constantly typing your ever changing password is annoying, check out the biometric option. Personally, I like the Lenovo 73P4730 keyboard with the built in reader, not just for the reader, Lenovo keyboards happen to be really nice and professional looking.




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