The Security Merits of Cloud Storage

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The cloud gets a bad rap for its alleged security shortcomings.  Cloud technology is spilling into the mainstream yet most cloud users question whether it is actually safe.  Those who are familiar with the nuances of the cloud are adamant this technology is much safer than most assume.


The Data You Store in the Cloud is Always Available

The cloud is accessible at all times as long as you have a web-connected device.  Cloud services function through networks with bandwidth spread across several links.  This means connectivity will never be an issue.  Cloud data is stored in several locations just in case data center failure occurs.  A secondary site is always available to kick in to guarantee data is protected and solely accessible to the appropriate parties.  Data security standards will only become that much stricter as time progresses.  If your law firm is not aware of where your information is stored at all times, you will run the risk of improper data exposure.  Tap into the power of the cloud and you will have no such worries thanks to the cloud’s ubiquity.


Security Needs are Dependent on Law Firm Size

Security solutions should be tailored to each individual law firm.  Law firm size is particularly important.   Larger law firms typically benefit from additional features that smaller law firms do not require.  Furthermore, small and medium size law firms have less money to spend on security needs.  As an example, deploying a hybrid cloud in which information is stored on on-site servers will work for some law firms while others will let a provider manage encryption keys.


The Cloud is Cutting Edge Digital Security Technology

The cloud empowers supply chain experts to pinpoint if cloud storage security is beyond that offered through in-house IT personnel.  Let the cloud aficionados perform a nuanced analysis of your data needs and security requirements.  Once this review is performed, you will be provided with an expert analysis of exactly how cloud storage security is superior to that provided by in-house IT.  From authentication methods to the management of encryption keys, cloud storage integration with in-house solutions for access management and beyond, the cloud provides myriad digital security advantages that ultimately cost less than inferior solutions provided by traditional IT security.


Let the Cloud Security Exports Work Their Magic

Law firms around the country are saving considerable amounts of money by letting security experts manage their data.  Cloud providers provide security monitoring tools that are fully dedicated to data protection.  Furthermore, cloud providers have the savvy tech professionals necessary to keep data secure and accessible at all times.

Those who truly understand the cloud are adamant we are nearing the point in time in which the vast majority of cloud security failures will be attributable to customer error.  Cloud storage configured by the cloud experts is the optimal solution for data storage and sharing.  Give the cloud a chance and you will find it does not require an abundance of money, maintenance or supervision.  This seemingly futuristic technology really does protect data better than in-house options while proving cheaper and that much more efficient.


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