Server Battery Backup, It’s a Must For Law Firms…

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We’ve already talked about the importance of desktop battery backup units. I can’t stress to you how important a battery backup device is for your server, and I’m talking to you, small law firm. Just because your small doesn’t mean you need less protection. Battery backups protect your server and firm data against power spikes and power outages, they also protect against brownouts. One thing most important that people don’t realize is that a power outage is the equivalent to pulling the plug on your PC. Pulling the plug on a PC may result in catastrophic behaviors. In all honesty, pulling the plug may not result in any issues 9 times out of ten, but on that tenth time, you will wish you invested in a battery unit. Battery Backup devices come with shutdown software that “Gracefully” shuts down your PC when it notices that less than 5 minutes of battery power is remaining. For that reason alone is why everyone should have one on their server. Battery backup devices should be large enough to carry your servers, modem, router, switches, and monitor which can be optional since monitors use a lot of power. To handle all these pieces of hardware, your probably going to spend between $200 – $500 depending on your setup. We have a few client that have spent over $1,500, but they have multiple servers and larger setups. Check out APC, and their SMT line, they are built for servers and multiple devices. There are a lot of different brands and models, if your not sure which one to get, give us a call, or consult an I.T. services company like Rekall Technologies.


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