Should My Law Firm Move to the Cloud?

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Should My Law Firm Move to the Cloud?

There are a million reasons for law firms to move to the cloud. Moving to the cloud offers many benefits including financial and organizational. There is a direct correlation between successful firms and the technology that they use. High end technology makes a small firm look like a large one and larger firms look like giants. Productivity increases, profitability increases, and overall IT headaches dwindle. Consider Rekall Cloud if you agree with the following points…

Your Interested in a Single Monthly Cost for All IT Services

Rekall Cloud offers a fully customized cloud experience for law firms, on top of that we also offer support plans that package with cloud plans offering law firms a total monthly package with no monthly spikes. This creates a total IT budget for the firm with no emergency costs of surpises.

You Want a Single Package that Offers Security, Backup, Support & Email

Law firms have a reasonable responsibility to protect their client data. Many law firms do not do this 100% due to IT costs. Rekall Cloud offers the best in security, backup, protection and support all in one package giving firms confidence that their client data is protected to the highest security extent.

You Want to Access Your Firm Data From Anywhere, Any Time on Any Device

Rekall Cloud offers a system where no matter where you are, no matter what device you are on, every time you connect to the cloud, your desktop experience is identical. No changes, no latency, no speed issues.

You Want a ZERO Downtime Solution for Your Firm

The backbone that supports the Rekall Cloud infrastructure is a Tier III data center with redundant power straight from the power company, quadruple internet failover, dual redundancy hardware 7 storage. Rekall Cloud is guaranteed to be up and available 99.999% of the time and support a 99.999& SLA.

You Want to Lower Overall IT Costs

Simply put, law firms with office infrastructures, servers, network switches, firewalls, NAS devices pay more for IT overall when compared to law firms in the cloud. This is a trend that we see all the time when we migrate traditional IT clients with old servers to the cloud. Clients call support much less, issues occur much less frequently and the firm is happier overall.


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