Small Firms Deserve Corporate Email Too

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I say small firms deserve corporate email too because there is a major misconception that these solutions are expensive and only attainable by large firms which couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, I just got off the phone with another 6 user firm with the same old email story that I’ve heard time and time again. Let me know if this sounds like your firm. Years ago you had a web guy or an old IT guy who sold you email. You don’t use him anymore but you still use use the same email 5 to 10 years later. You get email on your phone but only the inbox, no sub-folders that you created in Outlook. You either keep a calendar in Outlook or would like to, but you really want it to sync to your phone so you can check your schedule on the go. You know the technology is out there because you’ve seen it, you just don’t know how to set it up, who to trust, and most of all you don’t want to lose any email or your email address in the process.

I’m certain that the above describes many attorneys and paralegals reading this blog right now. Getting your firm email organized is simple, inexpensive and offers no risk of losing your domain name, email addresses or email. Real corporate email is $8 per mailbox per month and is labelled Hosted Exchange. A watered down version of this email that seems to be popular these days is Office 365 and is sold at $5 per mailbox per month. These solutions offer total mailbox sync to your mobile devices, security, calendar & contact sharing, along with a plethora of useful features you most likely don’t have right now.

If your looking to up the ante and actually make IT work for your firm, moving to a new mail system that offers your firm real benefits is definitely a good way to start. Break away from late 90’s technologies and contact an IT vendor like Rekall to see how a new email system can increase firm productivity. Top notch email solutions are easy to use, they will increase firm productivity, and will not break the bank.


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