Social Media & Your Firm

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Social media is everywhere. It’s the way of today, whether we like that fact or hate it. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the top sites but there are hundreds of social media sites out there. The reality is that people have come to expect information to be readily available on social media. They want to share their opinions and engage with other users over the internet.
What does this mean for your business? It means you need to have a presence online too. Research suggests that mid-sized firms that have a social media presence are securing the types of clients that only large firms would get in the past. Why? Because these mid-sized firms are strutting their stuff online. They’re making a splash and getting attention.

In a typical small to mid-sized firm, attorneys are more likely to be responsible for their own marketing. Those attorneys are taking the time to get exposure on social media sites like LinkedIn. Smaller firms are also thought to be more responsive. They’re paying attention to what clients care about. The ability to be online in social and mobile ways is huge, and it’s not going anywhere.

If you aren’t yet online – with a good blog and a solid social media presence – reach out to Rekall. We can help.


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