Staying Relevant in 2018

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Rather than chasing new clients, having them come to you is the goal.  There are marketing systems your law firm can put into place to stay top-of-mind with your network.  Keeping with these systems will yield more referrals, repeat business and new opportunities.  Here are some methods for law firms to stay top-of-mind.

E-blast newsletter

No matter the size of your email list, an email newsletter is an excellent way to stay in touch and remind your network that you’re here.  It’s an effective and simple technique that won’t take up much of your time.

Presence on social media

Using social media is a free and easy way to stay in touch with your contacts.  If you aren’t already using the “Big 4” (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +), you’re missing out.  These four platforms are great ways to keep your network engaged in an easy, informal way.

Avvo optimization

You may not know this but pretty much every lawyer has an Avvo profile, whether they set it up or not.  Public information is scraped together to build this profiles and Avvo has a large amount of monthly traffic, so it’s in your best interest to optimize your profile.

Blog posts

Creating content and articles for blog posts can seem intimidating.  But they’re a great way to build credibility with visitors to your website.  Along with that, it can keep your web visitors engaged and wanting more information.  Don’t forget that blog posts can also be cross-posted onto all of your social media sites.

Use video

Unfortunately, lawyers sometimes have reputations of being aloof and many people can feel intimidated by them.  Video can help break down that barrier and make you and your firm more relatable.  You could, for example, make a video answering your frequently asked questions.  This is an easy way to help potential clients to see that you are well versed in the laws in your area and most importantly, you’re just a human being like them.  Seeing someone on video can make a client feel like they know you already before even meeting you face to face.

Standing out is the only way to get ahead in this highly competitive market.  Doing just that little bit extra can make all the difference for you and your law firm.


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