Strategies Law Firms are Using to add Cases in 2019 and Beyond

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When it comes to big data, the metrics that provide the most insight into how to boost client sign-up rates often get lost in the shuffle.  Though you might have your cost per lead pinpointed down to the penny, you might not have measured your firm’s intake process or conversion rate.  Thankfully, it will not take too much effort to enhance the client intake process.  Apply the strategies detailed below and your firm will sign more cases in the new year and beyond.


Delegate Responsibilities for Lead Management


Lead management should be designated to particular employees.  In fact, some law firms rely on a group of outside specialists for all aspects of lead management.  There is no reason for paralegals or attorneys to answer calls or touch base with leads.  Delegate the work to the specialists, eat the cost and your in-house legal personnel will be liberated to thrive in their niche.


Answer in a Timely Manner


The vast majority of people do not return calls.  However, those who do take the time to return calls display a genuine interest in your services.  If possible, have someone available to field calls 24/7.  Furthermore, it will help to answer calls in the first few rings to show your law firm truly cares about customer service.


Mind the Call Flow


The flow of the call matters a great deal to the target customer.  Take some time to prepare the call dialogue to create an enjoyable flow.  Craft questions in a manner that does not force the target to repeat him or herself.  Brainstorm some qualifying questions that steer the target toward scheduling an appointment.  Be sure to verify the target’s information to ensure everything is spelled properly.




If you do not reach back out to targets after the initial conversation or message, they will forget about your and your firm.  Establish a follow-up process that reconnects your legal team with targets quickly after the initial discussion.  If necessary, touch base with the client upwards of half a dozen times to maximize the chances of conversion.


Show Your Group Cares


Clients are looking for a legal services provider who cares.  Humanize your message.  Show target clients your legal team is there for them during this tumultuous period of their life.  This kind and gentle approach lays the groundwork for the all-important rapport that will lead to continued business across posterity.


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