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Choosing the right software to help facilitate the growth and success of your law firm is a tough, yet crucial business decision. With law firms using Tabs3 Billing software for over 40 years, this trusted program offers an extensive array of in-depth features that can be tailored to even the most specialized of billing needs.

An Overview of Tabs3

Tabs3 is a highly flexible piece of software designed for those facing intricate billing challenges. Specifically, Tabs3 Billing allows you to record your time worked with ease, and then turn those time records into fees with one click. And because Tabs3 accepts credit cards, you can turn those fees into income, fast. Emailed statements come with a payment link, which enable clients to pay for your services online.

As a user, you also receive a variety of tools that enable you to easily send out bills and statements tailored exactly to your business’ needs. With Tabs3’s Email Statements feature, you can set up email templates tailored to each of your clients and send out PDF statements. The template automatically adds any relevant client information to your statement, and you also have the ability to send batches of statements in just a few clicks.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that this software prioritizes the security of your firm’s information, and allows for you to block any user from deleting, editing, or even viewing any content related to any of your clients or cases. Lastly, Tabs3 offers a Client Manager visual tool that functions as an all-in-one dashboard. Highlighting a client’s contact information, account balance, and recent payments, this aid increases your productivity and makes client management a breeze.

Notable Features

Tabs3’s most unique feature comes in the form of its in-depth and highly customizable billing system. Set up default billing rates for new clients, create customized rates for any existing client, and charge contingency, flat fees, or retainers hassle-free. Various timekeepers can charge standard or customized rates based on their role within the firm, and when a client pays their statement, the payment can be easily allocated across all timekeepers. What about dealing with multiple clients for one case? Tabs3 makes splitting payments simple, allowing you to charge a percentage of fees and/or costs for a case.

One other notable feature that deserves highlighting is the breadth and depth of the software’s Reports feature. With nearly two dozen unique reports giving insight into your firm’s billing and overall productivity, this feature is immensely useful for firms of any size. Tabs3’s extensive list of report types includes a top client, collections, and work-in-process report. These tools give you an accessible and easy to read breakdown of who your most important clients are, which accounts are highest priority for collections, and which accounts are still unbilled. Other notable report categories include client productivity and timekeeper profitability reports. These statements allow you to at a glance identify which clients and cases are most lucrative for your firm, and which timekeepers at your company are operating at a loss or profit.

Rely on the Cloud for Optimal Functionality

Cloud service providers can implement Tabs3 and enable the software to function at its peak without the need for on-site servers or complicated I.T. solutions. Rekall Technologies has nearly 10 years of experience assisting law offices with cloud services and can optimize your network hassle-free. Learn more about how we can host your legal software on the cloud here.

Final Thoughts

Tabs3 is a well-designed piece of software that has a unique scope of features and should be considered by law firms of any size. With its highly customizable billing system and comprehensive reports feature, Tabs3 has a lot to offer and can be a valuable tool to increase billing efficiency and overall productivity.

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