How To Have A Fantastic New Year With These Tech Resolutions.

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The new year has arrived. This is the perfect time to make resolutions for a better future. In the context of business, professionals should consider making some tech resolutions for 2019. Here is a quick look at some of the best ideas to make better use of tech in the new year.


Ideas for Tech Resolutions


There are myriad ways to improve your company’s tech, ramp up efficiency and improve the bottom line. As an example, consider automating standard tasks and routines. Scripting and/or the use of tools such as TextExpander make automation surprisingly easy. Consider implementing tools for idea creation and management. Others have found success implementing the latest social media/networking tech tools to create an active online community.

Consider making a resolution to establish SMART goals. This is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. These goals will make it easier to gauge the true value of your tech. Make a resolution to incorporate tech to measure the time devoted to each client from the initial consultation all the way to the end. Measuring this information gives you a better idea as to how your resources are being deployed. This approach also helps you determine if your current approach to serving clients is generating an acceptable return on investment.


Resolve to Learn About new Technologies


Even if you do not implement a variety of technologies at your business, simply learning about the latest tech will help your business. Make a resolution to learn about tech innovations. Consider which innovations are optimal for your office and discuss them with fellow decision-makers. Do not be intimidated by the learning process. A number of resources are available from webinars to bar association groups, tech podcasts and informative tech articles on the web. When in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help from the experts. Continue to ask questions and you will make the most out of the latest tech.


How to Keep Track of Your New Year’s Tech Resolutions


Consider using a task manager to store your tech resolutions for the new year. This way, the resolutions will be visible to you in a moment’s notice. Resolutions should also be broken down into individual tasks so they are not as intimidating. Segment these projects and it will be that much easier to focus, make meaningful changes and get the most out of your tech.


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