Top 3 Technologies that Drive “Work-From-Home” Productivity

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If you’re a law firm in 2020, chances are your firm is either working from the office fully, or working from home in some manner. Today, firms must consider the following… are your employees utilizing the best possible tools and practices to empower them to perform at their best? Every law firm needs technology essentials that drive productivity and enable staff to stay on track with day to day tasks. Let’s take an in-depth look into some of the tools that our successful firms are using to stay connected while working remotely.


Microsoft Teams – Interoffice Chat & Video Conferencing

Your team wouldn’t be able to accomplish much without a dependable, real-time method of communicating quickly and efficiently. This is what Microsoft Teams does best. Featuring text and video chat, and support for video conferencing between firm staff on your mobile device, PC or Mac. Teams is what our law firms use for daily meetings, and quick questions. Being able to see people and talk face to face, even virtually increases attitude and decreases the loneliness (for some) that comes with working from home. The best part is, if you have an Office 365 subscription, chances are you already have Microsoft Teams!


Vonage Business – A Versatile Phone System

When it comes to communication, the phone is king. In light of working from home, the largest problem our law firms faced was not the ability to work as they were on the cloud. It was the ability to communicate via phone, receive messages and check voicemail. Top phone systems of today do not bind you to the office. Vonage Business offers business class VOIP service to your law firm at affordable rates with amazing features. With the mobile app, answer, forward, and park calls as you wish. Everyone receives a private direct phone number, call extensions, transcribed voicemail to email, call groups, and a dial by name directory as standard. In addition add-on services include call recording and call monitoring which is useful for training. Bets of all, you can utilize the system anywhere and there is no installation of any hardware in your office. A versatile phone system will not break the bank and will keep your employees connected no matter where they are.


Cloud Services – Work Together while Apart

Successful firms are utilizing the cloud in some capacity these days. With working from home firms need a central point of data access so staff can view the resources that they need to do their work, productivity will go downhill quick. Instead, make sure that your firm is outfitted with cloud service that centralize your firm’s data and devices, allowing your staff to access firm docs, applications, print, scan, and email from home. And with Rekall Private Cloud’s military-grade data encryption, you’ll be able to do all of this while staying ABA and HIPAA compliant.


Overall, by combining tech essentials with good management and communication practices, your firm will navigate the world of remote work that much easier, and you’ll be prepared to focus on what truly matters: serving your clients.


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