Technology Advancement is Essential to your Firm’s Success

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To say contemporary technology is dynamic would be the understatement of the millennium.  Tech advancements are making it that much easier for attorneys to climb the professional ladder, please clients and enjoy a rewarding career.  Those who fail to adapt to changes in technology are either left behind or become mired in a stagnating career.

Even if you spend most of your time interacting with clients, colleagues and judges in a face-to-face manner, you can still benefit from improvements in technology.  Alternatively, if you fail to implement the latest tech, others will eventually leapfrog you and nab those lucrative promotions you have long-coveted.  Here is a look at how to take advantage of tech to advance your career and enjoy a more efficient workday.


Store and Share Files in a Digital Manner

There is no reason to send tangible paper versions of legal documents when you can send them digitally.  Take the digital route and your workday will prove that much more efficient.  Think back to all those times you wasted a chunk of your workday looking for paper files.  Store your files in a digital manner and you will be able to retrieve and share documents in a moment’s notice.  It does not matter if you are in the office, hotel, coffee shop or elsewhere.  Cloud technology allows for easy document sharing and modification with colleagues, clients and others regardless of location.


Set Appointments With a Scheduling App

The challenge of scheduling appointments and meetings proves that much more difficult if you are using pen and paper or outdated technology.  There is no need to rely on a traditional paper or digital calendar when all sorts of apps are available to ameliorate scheduling.  In fact, these apps can even let clients, partners and others choose from available times and coordinate a meeting in as little as a couple seconds.

Tech Improves Communication

Advancements in technology have made it possible to record your own voice for personal reminders.  Carry a diminutive voice recorder as you travel to hearings, settlement negotiations and meetings so you can create uber-efficient verbal notes.  Dictation recorders are functional with voice-to-text technology so your words can be transcribed immediately as you say them.

Today’s technology also makes it quite easy to interact with others on the web.  Instant messages, emails, video chats and other online communications are vastly superior to antiquated phone calls and snail mail sent via USPS.  As is often said, time is money.  There is no sense wasting your time with comparably primitive means of communication when modern tech empowers you to relay information with minimal delay.



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