TechTalk Interview With Attorney David Ward

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We had the pleasure of speaking to Dave Ward the other day. He’s been practicing Law for 16 years and currently practices at the law offices of Kluger Healey. While the firm focuses on labor law, Dave focuses more on employment litigation, restrictive covenants, and other offshoots of business litigation. He also deals with non-compete litigation. He is a tech savvy attorney with a specialized personal set of tools to get the job done. He finds that using Dragon Naturally Speaking saves billing and admin time, creating value to his clients and as even saving his firm money. He dictates all of his writing with 98% accuracy as opposed to other law firms who use transcription typists for all attorney dictation. He makes a good point for a law firm model where attorneys utilize technology more and their admins less, saving the firm a ton on overhead. Currently, there is one admin supporting four attorneys under this model and it works very well. It is Dave’s belief that this model and other Kluger Healey streamlined methods keep their firm competative while being able to go up against the larger, conglomerate firms.


He explains how working in a smaller firm adds control over technology and working styles and may actually be better than the larger firms in terms of controlling client expectations. If your a firm that may be missing that technological edge that helps you to stay competitive, you must listen to this interview.


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