The Importance of Client Feedback for Law Firms

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Feedback lets you know what about your practice and service is working and what isn’t. By understanding this, you know what to keep doing and what to stop doing. Asking for feedback also lets your clients know that you care about how your service is perceived and that you’re committed to quality.
The Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions Blog claims that there’s only one thing more important than gathering feedback from your clients, and that’s responding to the feedback you get from clients. Are you regularly soliciting feedback? Are you regularly responding to it? According to a survey taken at the American Association of Legal Administrators’ annual conference, only 20% of law firms are soliciting feedback on a regular basis.

Motivated to start collecting feedback? Legal Solutions recommends starting with the American Bar Association’s Essential Value of Client Feedback publication, which you can access here. Other ways to successfully gather feedback include using a client advisory board and surveys. If you take the route of the survey, be sure your survey is not too long, as people can’t be bothered with lengthy surveys. Make your questions direct, easy to answer, and make sure the responses they bring in are easy to analyze.


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