The Purpose of Social Media From an Attorney’s Perspective

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Social media has become ubiquitous in recent years.  Turn on the TV, open a magazine or grab your phone and you will catch wind of a social media post.  Some of those who work in the legal industry question social media’s importance in the context of practicing the law.  The best attorneys think of their firm as a brand.  A social media presence helps build and promote the online component of the firm’s brand.  Social media makes it incredibly easy to connect with the surrounding community in minimal time.  There is no need to pay through the nose for a traditional outbound advertisement when prospective clients can come directly to your firm through social media.  This is the low-cost advertising every law firm needs to make the most of a limited budget.  Make the most of social media and your firm will enjoy a steady stream of new clients, while establishing community-wide credibility.


Social Media for Lead Generation


Social media might not generate an abundance of leads yet it certainly has the potential to connect you with those in need of your legal services.  Use your social media accounts to tout your legal knowledge, show off the merits of your services and promote your website.  The most prudent use of social media shows your team of attorneys is available to help.  Make sure social media users are aware of your firm’s altruism so prospective clients can see beyond your firm’s financial interest.


Social Media Content


Attorneys often question what they should post to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media accounts.  In general, it is best to post information helpful to those in need of legal services.  Do not promote your legal services at every opportunity.  Provide information that solves problems and puts your legal acumen on display.  Use your social media accounts as an opportunity to legitimize your law firm.  Show your team is interested in solving problems throughout the community.  If you run out of content ideas, do not hesitate to feature relevant quotes as studies show social media users are generally inclined to “like” and share quotes.

Recognize the Value of Social Media Marketing


In the end, social media really is a form of marketing.  Those who work in advertising refer to this form of covert marketing as inbound marketing as opposed to conventional outbound marketing on TV, radio, billboards, magazines etc.  Shift your budget, effort and attention to social media and it won’t be long until this amazing tool expands your client base.


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